In our technologically advanced society, it can be difficult to know whether or not your data has been properly disposed of. When you want to keep your information private, you can rely on Techno Rescue to provide secure data destruction for all of your devices.

Types of Data

Our team at Techno Rescue is able to destroy data on a wide array of devices, such as:

Data Destruction Options

If you have data that you need securely destroyed, our data destruction company provides several options. One of our most popular services is on-site data destruction that occurs in your business or data-center. Our mobile trucks can travel nationally to take care of your data destruction needs.

During an on-site destruction, there are many ways our team can dispose of your data. Our methods include:

  • Shred: Truck shredders are four shaft shredders with interchangeable screens to control the particle size. These vehicles are equipped to shred any form of material down to 10mm (or even 2mm with advance notice).
  • Degauss: This system is capable of handling all magnetic media types, regardless of their interface or operating system (i.e. tapes and hard drives).
  • Sanitization: This method uses equipment and software specifically designed and optimized for high-capacity storage platforms.
  • Combination: You may choose to combine two or more of the above options during your data destruction.

After your absolute data destruction is complete, you will receive a Certificate of Destruction with a report that includes the hard drives and their serial numbers.

On-site Mobile Degaussing Services

If you are concerned about your business’s data being stolen from a hard drive, you can take advantage of our on-site mobile degaussing services to give you peace of mind. A degausser is a special machine that emits a powerful magnetic field to eliminate any magnetic data that may be present on a hard drive, tape, cassette, or cartridge tape.

On-site Data Eraser Services

If you would like to destroy your data while maintaining the integrity of your equipment or hard drives, our on-site data eraser services can fulfill your needs. You are able to keep your secure or classified data on your own premises, and we bring our services to you.

The Professional Advantage

It can be possible to perform an amateur data destruction, but you have no guarantee that your data has actually been eliminated. In addition, an unprofessional data job can actually make your information easier to steal, especially if you leave your hard drive in a public trash can or by the curb. With our professional team, you can rest assured that your data is gone for good.

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