Secure Data Destruction in Aurora
    IT Asset Disposition Services in Aurora
    With removal
    Serial number inventory
    and certificate of destruction
  • Secure Data Destruction in Aurora

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On-Site Data Destruction Services

Techno Rescue Data Destruction services offer mobile on-site destruction with removal, serial number inventory and certificate of destruction.

We can destroy any quantity of hard drives, solid state drives, tapes, flash memory media storage devices (circuit boards, flash drives, PCMCIA cards, SD Cards, SIM cards), cell/smart phones, thumb drives and CD/DVDs with shredding and/or degaussing.

On-site Data Destruction services include:

  • Destruction of sensitive, confidential, and/or classified drives.
  • Complete audit trail and chain of custody.
  • Certificate of Insurance/Recycling/Destruction.
  • Security: all employees who handle hard drives or media are background checked and our shred trucks are safeguarded against tampering or unauthorized access.
  • Hard Drive Shredding: Hard Drives (HDD) and Solid State Drives (SSD).
  • Media Shredding: CDs, floppy discs, flash drives, cell phones, tapes, magnetic media.
  • Dual Destruction: two-step processes available – degauss and shred.
  • Mobility: ability to travel nationally to perform destruction on-site at client facility.
  • Serial Number Capture: of each hard drive recorded with a Certificate of Destruction.
  • Inventory: along with hard drive serial numbers capture, assets can be inventoried to be able to associate a specific machine to a specific hard drive.
  • Witness: clients can request to witness the on-site destruction.
  • Partnership: secure data destruction is incredibly important for not only the protection of our clients’ data, but the protection of data processed in the industry as a whole.

Mobile Shredding On Your Premises

The entire destruction process can be witnessed and/or videotaped. The media will never leave your sight until it is completely destroyed. Trucks are self-generated so no additional power is required.